The aim of the school is to give the pupils a training that will ensure sound character formation required to develop true moral values in order to promote intellectual, cultural and physical development of the students for becoming worthy citizens of our country. Discipline is not thrust upon the students but inculcated in the hearts of students. The Vidyamandir provides the necessary physical, emotional and aesthetic environment to help students achieve balance and equilibrium in life, both in relation to self and to the rest of the world. The school commences with the morning assembly. The school prayer is followed by the chanting of hymns from the Bhagad Geeta followed by the daily news.Moral Science is a subject taught upto the middle school level inculcating in students the knowledge and ideals which Indian saints and philosophers conceived and stored in The Vedas, The Upanisadas and The Gita and as practised by Acharya Swami Pranavanandaji Maharaj.
The school aims to achieve in every student more than just literacy. The integrated curriculum concentrates on the qualitative development of every individual child in a very special and conducive Ashramik environment where every child learns not just academics but lessons of life, character, ethics and values. Lord Krishna in Srimad Bhagavad Geeta (4/34) and (4/39) advised Arjuna how a student acquire knowledge : “Tad viddhi pranipātena Pariprashnena sevayā” Students learn that Knowledge from their teacher or Guru by Reverence (by prostrating), by Questioning and by Service. And “Shraddhāvān labhate jnānam Tatparah samyatendriya” Those who have reverence and faith, is steadfast and continent, gain Wisdom. Students have access to varied activities of the Sangha and take active part in the celebration of the birth anniversary of Acharya Dev which fosters in them the feelings of peace and harmony. The uniqueness of this Vidyamandir lies in the bridging the traditional values with modern outlook to prepare the future society based on the tenets of Patience, Fortitude, Endurance and Compassion.